Newtown Park – Berhampore, New Zealand

Newtown ParkSadly, this New Zealand track series must come to an end.  Today’s track is the last one, but I have saved one of the best for last.  The track at Newtown Park is a fantastic facility.  It has a new track surface, that was installed just over a year ago .  Field events are all located on the inside, making it very nice for both competitors and spectators alike.  This track is very busy throughout the track season which runs from October through April, hosting club meets on most Saturdays.  It is also the site of this year’s New Zealand National Championships, held in a few weeks, on March 28-30.

I have thoroughly enjoyed researching New Zealand for the past few weeks, and am really impressed Athletics New Zealand as an organization, and the support they clearly have from the people here.  Track & field is obviously a big sport in this country.  My wife has always talked about teaching in another country outside the U.S., after we both retire (or maybe sooner).  New Zealand has now become one of my top choices as places to go, if we ever decide to teach somewhere else.

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