Lovelock Track – Mt Roskill, New Zealand

Mount RoskillThe track today is the home facility of Owairaka Athletics.  This looks like an older track in the Google photo, but on the club’s website, they mentioned their “new track” as the site of their practices.  I had to do a little more research to find out the about the track situation there.  Here is what I found out.  The new track is located at the same location as the old one in the satellite photo.  The old track was a cinder track.  And the new track is also a cinder track.  As you can tell below, there is now a nice concrete edging, and the cinders appear to be a different, lighter color.  I couldn’t find any pictures showing the field event, so I’m not sure what was done to upgrade those areas.  You can view a photo album HERE, of the upgrades in progress, from December 2012.

Lovelock Track

*Photo from the Owairaka Athletics Facebook Page.

Google Maps Link

3 thoughts on “Lovelock Track – Mt Roskill, New Zealand

  1. The Lovelock Track is in the final stages of resurfacing with a Tartan surface. The Lovelock Track has never been a cinder track. The photo you show from the club’s facebook page was taken during resurfacing acticities.

  2. Suggest you could get an updated picture of this track as the new surface has been there for some years now. It is a 6 lane all weather track.

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