Caledonian Sports Ground – Dunedin, New Zealand

Caledonian GroundsThis Oceania track series is going to briefly turn into a New Zealand track series.  After doing some research for the past few tracks, I am very impressed with Athletics New Zealand, and the obvious support that they have.  There are track clubs located all over the country, and there are lots of them.  There are also lots of tracks, so the sport is something that the people here care about, which is great to see.  And with the winter we are having in Minnesota, I need to post some tracks from where it’s summer right now!

The track today is found at the Caledonian Sports Ground in Dunedin.  This facility was built in 2000, but this nice track surface looks much newer than that.  This was the site for the South Island Colgate Games, which were held last weekend.  The meet is one of the biggest youth meets in the country, and each island has their own competition.  This looks like a great facility, and I like the trees that surround it.  I wish I was working out here right now!


*Photo from Wikipedia

Google Maps Link


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