Stade Pater Te Hono Nui – Pīra’e, French Polynesia

Stade PaterThe next track in Oceania is found in French Polynesia.  Stade Pater Te Hono Nui is the national stadium, and it was built in 1971.  A major renovation was done in 2003, but this awesome blue track surface is even newer and was SP1installed sometime within the past few years.  It’s still the old red surface in the Bing Maps photo.  I’m not really sure of the capacity of this venue.  I found a big range from 5,000 people, all the way up to 15,000.  This is a smaller, 6-lane track, but all field events are located on the inside.  Being a fan of blue tracks, I think that the two-tone, alternating blue lanes look great!


*Photos obtained from

Google Maps Link


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