Mt. Smart Stadium – Auckland, New Zealand

Mt Smart 2Happy New Year everyone!  Some of the first track & field fans in the world to ring in 2014 are those from New Zealand, so I’m posting a track from there today.  I fact, this is the first New Zealand track that I have posted.  The Happy-New-Year-2014-Digital-Wide-Wallpapertrack at Mt. Smart Stadium is a nice looking, two-tone track, with alternating red and gray lanes.  All field events are located on the inside of the track, which is located down in a bowl.  This was also the site of the 2013 New Zealand Championships.

The track stadium, is actually now considered arena #2.  The original stadium (arena #1) is located right next door, and is used for soccer and rugby, and well as hosting some major concerts.  There was a track here before the new one was built, and it was the first all-weather track in New Zealand.  You can actually still see sections of it in the Google photo below, if you zoom in.

Get a 360-degree view from the center of the track HERE.

Mt Smart both

Google Maps Link


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