Two Harbors High School Track – Two Harbors, MN

Two Harbors High SchoolIt’s the last day of 2013, and it is also the last track in the unique high school mascot series.  I’m going to close it out with one more mascot from my home state of Minnesota.  Two Harbors is located on the north shore of Lake Superior, just up the road from Duluth.  In fact, from the outskirts of Two Harbors, to Canal Park in Duluth, it is exactly 26.2 miles.  If you have heard of Grandma’s Marathon, that is the race course.  Along the shore here, you will also find the state rock of Minnesota, the Lake Superior agate.  Two Harbors High School has also adopted it twoharborsas the school mascot – The Agates.  The agate is a beautiful rock that is often collected, polished, and even used in jewelry.   Check out the images on Google HERE.  The high school however uses a “TH” logo rather than one of a rock.  Probably not a bad decision.

The Agates’ track is the typical type you find at high schools here in Minnesota.  It’s an 8-lane track with a black surface.  I’m not really sure about the cost of black tracks versus those of a different color, but I suspect it might be a little cheaper.  One plus though, it that is helps in melting the snow off of it in the spring.  Their long and triple jump runways are located outside on the back stretch.  They also have two shot put circles that are located on the inside at the north end, with the discus right there too, on the outside.  This looks like a nice facility for a small school with just over 300 students.

Google Maps Link

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