Bessemer High School Track – Bessemer, MI

BessemerToday is the penultimate post in this unique high school mascot series, and I am excited about this one for a couple of reasons.  The track today is home of the Bessemer Speedboys and Speedgirls, and is found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I was actually in Bessemer this summer, and it is a beautiful part of the country.  We had a great time hiking along the Black River as it flowed to Lake Superior.  The waterfalls were absolutely incredible, and I highly recommend a visit here.

While driving through this town of 1,800 residents, I did notice several references to the “Speedboys”, which is very typical of small towns and their high school mascots.  I’m not sure of the origin of this mascot, but they use a winged foot on their district page, so as a track & field fan, I love it.   After seeing the Google pic of their track though, I have to say I am very disappointed that I did not actually stop and see it in person.  Not only does Bessemer have a unique mascot, they have a unique track as well!

Bessemer Area Schools

This is a 5-lane track with a “square” shape.  And it is extremely rare to find a baseball field located on the inside.  It does however appear to be a 400-meter track though.   Their football is also inside, on the side closest to the east bleachers.  Notice how close the goalposts are to the track.  There are also three exchange zones marked, which does make it seem like it is a full, standard length.  I like how they are all in the middle of a straightaway too, so it is the same for everyone, no matter what lane you are in.  I don’t know if I’m ever going to be back in Bessemer again, but if I do get back there, I’m definitely visiting this track to check it out in person!

Google Maps Link

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