Bethlehem Central High School – Delmar, NY

Bethlehem CentralIt’s Christmas Day, so I’m at least sticking with the high school tracks and am posting the one at Bethlehem Central BC Eaglestoday in New York.  Their sports teams are the Eagles, so it’s not exactly an unusual mascot.  This looks like a nice design for track & field.  The track only has six full lanes, but there are two additional lanes on the main straight.  The field events are all located on the outside of the track.  The high jump is the one event that you notice first, because of the two semi-circles.  I running-santa-cartoonhave not seen a layout like this before, but they have plenty of space, so I think it’s a great idea.  The are several runways and pits for the pole vault, long jump and triple jump.  It also has two shot put rings and one for the discus.  I like this one.

Merry Christmas track fans!

Google Maps Link

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