San Benito High School Track – Hollister, CA

San Benito High SchoolThe track today the home of the Haybalers from San Benito High School in Hollister, California.  I didn’t know about it until just now, but I actually have a connection here.  My cousin and her husband live in HaybalersHollister, and their son graduated from San Benito.  So I’m actually related to a Haybaler and didn’t even know it!

Now to the track.  At first glance, I wasn’t sure what kind of material was used when they made this track.  The color threw me off a little bit.  But after I saw that the straightaway extended to the west, past the garage, through the parking lot, and connects to the street, I realized is was some type of gravel.  I then noticed that the same material is also used on the softball in fields, and the base paths on the baseball field too.  This is why I included those in the Google photo.  I’ve never see that before, anywhere.  Maybe the got discount bulk pricing!

Google Maps Link


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