Lake Washington High School Track – Kirkland, WA

Lake Washington High SchoolIt turns out that there are a lot more unusual high school mascots out there that I had imagined, so I will be continuing this series until the end of the year.  Today we move to the state of Washington, and Lake lakewashington_logoWashington High School, the home of the Kangaroos.  I’ve got two background stories about how this mascot came to be, but I don’t know which one is accurate.  The first is that it came from a cheer leader and/or PA announcer who thought that “Kangaroo” sounded better than “Hornet”, the old mascot.  The other story is that there was a student vote to determine a new mascot, and as a joke, the students chose kangaroo, assuming the administration would never go along with it.  Either way, we know it wasn’t chosen because of the major kangaroo population found in Kirkland.

Now, to the facility itself.  This is a very nice looking track that is just a couple years old.  It is an 8-lane track, with a nice design for the field events.  The high jump and pole vault are on the inside.  The long and triple jumps are outside the backstretch in and expanded area of the track surface.  Discus and javelin are outside to the north.  Two separate shot put areas are out on the east end.  I like it.

Google Maps Link


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