Huron High School – Ann Harbor, MI

Huron High SchoolThe River Rats of Huron High School have today’s track to call their home.  This looks like a very nice high school facility, and quite frankly, their school also looks very cool if you click on the Google link below.  The river ratstrack is right across the street from the Huron River.  Visiting schools use to tease the students here by calling them “swamp rats.”  Huron HS turned it around on them and made the Rats their official mascot.

Google Maps Link

2 thoughts on “Huron High School – Ann Harbor, MI

  1. Not only dying, it’s virtually dead and gone. It looks like New York is the only state that still does the steeplechase. There are a few random meets throughout that contest it, but those are meets that are held at college facilities. It is an event that is still done outside of the high schools, at USATF and AAU summer meets though. So most college steeplechasers are converted distance runners with no experience with the race coming out of high school.

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