Rotan High School Track – Rotan, TX

Rotan High SchoolUp next in this unique mascot series are the Yellowhammers of Rotan High School.  The Yellowhammer is a bird that is a member of the woodpecker family.  Here in Minnesota, we call it a flicker.  It is also the state bird of YellowhammersAlabama.  Interesting enough, the school colors of Rotan are orange and white, rather than yellow and white.

The track here looks pretty nice.  It’s either a newer surface, or it has newly painted lines and markings.  There are two interesting features that I notice when looking at this track.  One, it has seven lanes.  That number of lanes is not very common, as most track fans will know.  Most have eight lanes.  Smaller tracks typically have six.  Sometimes schools will go bigger and add a ninth lanes, but to don’t see seven very often.  The other thing that stands out to me is the length of the runway on the east side for the long jump and triple jump.  For meets and especially practice, I’m sure its nice to have this extra room.  A lot of times when the sand pits are closer together, approaches will overlap when practicing, because you use both pits at the same time.  That wouldn’t be a problem here.  It fact, if you ever wanted to have a 95-meter approach for your long jump, this is the place for you!

Google Maps Link


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