Vineland High School Track – Vineland, NJ

Vineland High SchoolIn searching for an appropriate high school mascot to feature on Thanksgiving, and came across a few that were close, but didn’t quite qualify.  Today I’m going to post the track of one of them, partly because I have been to this city.  In the southern part of New Jersey, and kind of in the middle of nowhere, is the city of Vineland.  Their high school mascot is not a turkey, but is a chicken, and they are referred to as the “Fighting Clan”.  This come from the term Clan“poultry clan” which is a group of chickens.  The poultry industry was huge in Vineland in the 1940’s and 50’s, so Vineland High School chose a mascot to represent this. 

The track has a newly installed surface, in a nice looking red color.  It has a full eight lanes, with both ends extended on the main straightaway.  The jumps are also located on the inside.  It also looks like the shot put ring is inside as well.  VHS plays their football games at a different stadium, so this is not used for those games.

Now for my personal connection here.  In 2004, I was is the middle of my weightlifting coaching stint, and I had several lifters who qualified for the USA Weightlifting National Schoolage Championships.  The meet that year just so happened to be held at D’Ippolito Intermediate School, in Vineland.  We decided to make the trip out to the meet, flying into Philadelphia, and then driving from there.  My family also came along, and after the meet was over, my lifters flew home and we continued on to New York, through New England, and back to Philly for a fun vacation.

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