Waukesha South High School Track – Waukesha, WI

Waukesha SouthToday is “Black Friday” and I’m in Wisconsin for the Thanksgiving holiday.  As luck would have it, there is a high school not far from where I am, whose mascot is the “Blackhirts”, and their track is my track of the day today.  Waukesha is a suburb of Milwaukee, and they have your standard all-weather black track.  They have eight full lanes, and several options for runways for the jumps.  The discus circle is even on the inside here, which is nice for spectators.

blackshirtAs far as the Blackshirts mascot’s history, it dates back to the great depression era.  They were originally called the Cardinals, but when the time came to order new uniforms for the football team, the school couldn’t afford the expensive red color, so they opted for the cheaper black-colored material.  Black was a rare color for uniforms at that time, and opposing schools made fun of the Waukesha team, calling them “black shirts”.  The school however embraced the name and kept it as their mascot.  To tie their full history together, Waukesha South uses a cardinal wearing a black shirt for the official mascot.

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