St. Mary’s Episcopal High School Track – Memphis, TN

MemphisI’ve been posting unique high school mascots and their tracks recently, and today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., so there are only two real mascot options for today – pilgrims or turkeys.  I found Pilgrim High School, but no pilgrim mascots.  I did however find some Turkeys in Memphis at St. Mary’s Episcopal High School, Turkeyand it’s their track that I am featuring today.  The story behind the mascot is kind of funny.  St. Mary’s is an all-girls school, and in 1975 there were two sisters who attended school here, and their brothers attended a different all-boys school.  The boys at the school decide to change their mascot from an owl to a buzzard, so the sisters decided to go with the trend and suggested St. Mary’s change their name to the Turkeys.  The name stuck, and it’s been their mascot ever since.

The track here is a new, blue surface that looks really nice.  It only has four lanes though.  And there are a couple of unique features that I notice when looking at this facility.  They don’t play football here, but the infield is used for soccer and lacrosse.  The soccer goals in the photo(s) look like they are quite a ways away from the curves.  The is nice, because it then gives a lot of space in those areas.  So much so, that they have the throwing circles on the inside.  It might also mean that the straightaways are longer, making the curves tighter.  Another thing I notice is that the start/finish line is in the middle of the straight, rather than at the end.  This of course means that the exchange zones are also in the middle of the straights and the curves.  And then like yesterday’s track, a long jump runway is extended off of the track, but this one is extended from the curve, rather than being able to use the straightway.  Dashed lines are extended across the west curve, which looks a little weird.  Definitely some quirky design ideas here with this track.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Photo from the St. Mary’s Facebook page.

Bing Maps Link


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