Rensselaer Jr-Sr High School Track – Rensselaer, NY

Rensselaer HSIn this unique high school mascot series, I posted a few days ago what I thought was the most unusual with the “Flying Beavers”.  I did however stumble across another one that comes pretty close – the “Thunder Chickens” of the Doane Stuart School, in Rensselaer, NY.  Rumor has it that this six and a half-foot, thunderbolt wielding chicken, also plays the bagpipes.  The Thunder Chickens have a track team, but unfortunately do not have a home track of their own, so I don’t have anything to show, but I couldn’t pass up mentioning this mascot.

Less than a half mile away though, is Rensselaer Jr-Sr High School and they do have a track, and a nice one at that, so their’s is today’s pic.  This six-lane track is the home of the Rams.  The jumps are on the inside, and throws are outside.  I’m not sure how recently this track was installed, but it looks like it is fairly new.

Google Map Link


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