Bad Axe High School Track – Bad Axe, MI

Bad AxeToday’s track is found in Michigan, in the town of Bad Axe.  Bad Axe High School has a great mascot.  One whose words all fit together with the town.  And linguistically, they all share the same vowel sound, so they all sound good when said together.  Their sports teams are the Bad Axe Hatchets.  The summerhatchetheader12 festival here is also called the Bad Axe Hatchet Festival, held every year in June.  I could only find a could copy of the logo for the festival, but the school uses the same thing.

The track is your standard black, all-weather track.  Now I know nothing about the track & field programs here, or anything about their coaches, but I would guess, that the Hatchets have some pretty good pole vaulters.  I say this because they have two runways for the vault, with a pit at each end.  That’s a luxury that most big schools don’t even have.  For a school of 500 students, it’s unheard of.  They must have something good going here, or someone with some pull, to warrant an investment like that.

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