Al Bennett Field – Alamosa, CO

AlamosaThe track at Al Bennett field is next in this high school mascot series.  The track is used by Alamosa High School, but it’s actually located at the middle school.  As is usually the case when a school district opens a new high school, the old high school building becomes a middle school.  This problem here though, is that full athletic facilities were not built at the new high school, forcing some teams to still use the old facilities.  This brings us to today’s track, which is a cinder track that was installed in 1965 and the issues they are having with it..  Beside being very outdated, there are apparently drainage issues as well, basically rendering the track useless quite often.  Meets haven’t been held here is a long time.  There is a push within the community to add a new track and field at the current high school.  I’m not sure if it has been voted on or not, or what the status is of the project.  It’s pretty obvious to me, that’s it’s needed.

The story of the Alamosa mascot is one that’s kind of interesting.  The sports teams here are “Mean MooseMoose”, but before the 1970’s they were just the “Moose”.  How they became mean is kind of a funny story, and not all that surprising if you have ever worked with t-shirt printing companies.  Rumor has it, a local artist designed a mean looking moose for the school to use as its logo.  Sometime in the 70’s, basketball uniforms were ordered and the printer was told to put the mean moose on the front.  When they came back, they were printed with the words “Mean Moose” and not the logo.  Evidently everyone liked it so much, that they decided to keep using the new name!

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