Abington Senior High School Track – Abington, PA

Abington Senior High SchoolToday’s track would have been better shared on Halloween, because of its unique school  mascot, but unfortunately, I didn’t find it until recently.  This is the home track of Abington Senior High School in Pennsylvania, and their teams are the Galloping Ghosts.  One of the greatest football players of all timeghostmaroonicon was Red Grange, nicknamed the Galloping Ghost.  In 1931, Grange himself attended an Abington pep rally, and was so inspiring, that the school decided to name their teams after him in his honor.  You can read more about this interesting story HERE.  The track itself is very nice, with a new surface that was installed a few years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Abington Senior High School Track – Abington, PA

  1. An interesting point to add to this… this is a high school that is close to where I grew up, and some years ago the original mascot depicted as a galloping ghost had a pointy head. In an observation that was actually quite comical but nonetheless true, somebody pointed out that the galloping goose resembled a Klansman on horseback. The school district scrambled and quickly rounded off the head of the Klansman on all pictures of the mascot throughout the district. Certainly with the creation of the mascot nobody meant to offend but everyone did note the uncanny likeness.

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