Poca High School Track – Poca, WV

Poca High SchoolPoca High School in West Virginia has a very unique mascot name, and one that is as fitting as you can possibly get – the “Dots”.  The Poca Dots home facility is today’s featured track of the day.  This is a 6-lane Poca-High-School-Dotstrack, with a standard black, all-weather surface.  The space allocated for jumps appears to be on the small side.  The high jump area at the north end of the track seems very small for what the event usually requires.  It looks like there are three runways for the long/triple/vault events, but they are short too.  Only one of the three has a sand pit, and it’s only on one end.  The other two runways seem pretty close to the track, so setting up foam pits for the pole vault there might be an issue.  Even though there are some issues with the track, I still love the team name!

Google Map Link


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