Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Track – Baltimore, MD

Paul Laurence Dunbar High SchoolWe move to Baltimore next, for today’s high school track.  This is the track that is used by Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, which also has a unique mascot for their teams – the Poets.  The school is named in honor of Paul Laurence Dunbar, who was a poet himself.  The track is located about a block away from the high school, and has its own city block.  It almost looks like it was placed inside a park.  One obvious feature is the super-straightaway, but there is also something else that caught my eye.  Most track and field facilities are lined up nice and straight; everything is line with38 each other.  The one of the long and triple jump runways here though, is at an angle of its own, right next to the trees.  There is enough space here to put it parallel to or perpendicular to the runway that’s inside the track, like most people would have done.  They didn’t do that with this one, but I actually like it.  Who says everything has to be done a certain way?

Google Map Link


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