Freeport High School Track – Freeport, IL

Freeport High SchoolToday’s track is found in Illinois, and is the home of another high school with a unique mascot.  When I was growing up, we had family that lived in Freeport, Illinois, and we would go there to visit every year.  My great-aunt was a 2nd grade teacher, and we would hear quite often about how the Freeport Pretzels sports pretzelteams were doing.  Freeport was settled by German immigrants in the 1850’s and a pretzel company was started at this time.  Because of this, it became known as “Pretzel City”, so the high school chose the Pretzels as their mascot as a way to honor their history.  I love the big pretzel on the center of their new turf field that was installed two years ago.  The track itself looks pretty typical for a high school facility.  It does however, only have six full lanes.  There are eight on the straightaway though for sprints and short hurdles.

Google Map Link

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