Esko High School Track – Esko, MN

esko high schoolI’m posting one more track of a Minnesota High School with a unique mascot.  Today it’s Esko High School, which is found in the northern part of the state, near Duluth.  The sports teams of Esko are Esko logonicknamed the Eskomos!  But I’m posting this track for a couple of other reasons as well.

First of all, this Google Map photo has not been updated with what they have now, and that’s a brand new facility with a new track and artificial turf.  This makes Esko High EskoSchool the smallest school in the state to get artificial turf, with an enrollment  of 367 (9-12).  The field was just installed in time for football and soccer seasons this fall.  As you can see the track is not finished yet, but it will be ready in time for the spring track season.

The second reason, is that a college teammate of mine is from Esko, and I was happy to see that he still holds the school records in the 1600m and 3200m.  In college, Rob Maki was a cross country legend, after falling down and injuring his leg while warming up before a meet.  He ran the race in pain, only to find out he raced with a broken leg!  Now that’s Esko toughness.Esko Public Schools

The Minnesota State High School League did a nice story on the grand opening of the new stadium in Esko this fall.  And if you are a football fall, scroll down to read another great story on the Farmington football team and their coach.  It just so happens that I teach in Farmington and am the head Strength & Conditioning coach.

*Photos from Esko Public Schools and the MSHSL Facebook page.

Google Map Link


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