Grand Meadow Track – Grand Meadow, MN

GMAnother high school that was fairly close to where I grew up was is the town of Grand Meadow.  Their unique mascot name was the “Larks”.  The Grand Meadow Larks (get it?)!  I love the word play with this one, but they also have since added an adjective to their name are and now known as the Superlarks.  This is a nice all-weather track for a town of just over 1,000 people.  You might notice too, that the football field in the center looks a little smaller than normal, and that’s because it is.  The enrollment for the high school (grade 9-12) is 94 students, so they play 9-man football here.  GM school

I have expanded the photo this time to include the school building as well (no those aren’t five UFO’s parked there).  This is the school for the entire Grand Meadow district, and houses all students k-12.  It was built fairly recently in 2002.  You can read more about the building as view several photos HERE.  It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind school, and is something the entire community is very proud of.

For track & field, Grand Meadow has recently established a coop with Southland Schools, and now compete together as one team.  It just so happens that my sister teaches in Southland and her kids go to school there as well.  My niece was a state meet qualifier on several relay teams.  My nephew is still going to school there now and is also a member of the track team.Larks

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