Blooming Prairie High School Track – Blooming Prairie, MN

Blooming PrairieFor my post on Halloween, I happened to come across one of the best (and most fitting) high school mascots ever – the Salem High School Witches.  It got me thinking about mascots, so I’ve decided to post the tracks of a few of the high schools here in Minnesota, that have some of the more unique names.  I’m going to start with Blooming Prairie, which is a neighboring town to the small town that I grew up in in theBlossoms southeastern part of the state.  If you have a prairie that’s blooming so much, you name a town after it, there have got to be a lot of blossoms there.  And that is exactly what they decided on for their high school mascot – the Blossoms!  Since I graduated, they have since added a fierce adjective, and are now the “Awesome Blossoms”.  Thank goodness the school colors of Blooming Prairie High School are black and white, rather than something really crazy like pink and yellow!

Now to their track, which has been seriously updated since I ran here in the mid 80’s.  An all-weather, rubber service was installed a few years ago, replacing the cinder track that was before.  There are four runways for the horizontal jumps, located outside as well.  From what I have been told, this is a very nice facility for a small town of just under 2,000 residents.


Google Map Link

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