University Track – Stony Brook, NY

Stony Brook UniversityUp next in the America East series is this awesome track at Stony Brook University.  University Track is a new facility that just opened in 2011, and is the home of the Seawolves Track & Field teams.  Personally, I love how this facility looks.  It has your standard red surface, but then they also have the blue areas for the jumps, which looks great.  (SBU’s school colors are red and blue gray)  I like how they created a separate area for the horizontal jumps and pole vault.  Instead of trying to squeeze them in on the inside of the track, they end up with a lot more space this way, and can go with longer runways.  The blue colored area with the red runways helps to give it a look and feel of being a whole section of its own.  This also frees up more space on the infield as a result.  Very nice.

SBU blue

A photo gallery of the construction can be found HERE.

More track facility photos can be found on their Facebook page too.

Google Map Link

*Photo from the SBU TF/CC Facebook Page


2 thoughts on “University Track – Stony Brook, NY

  1. Thanks for the clarification! There is blue in the Seawolves logo, and blue accents on the athletics website too, so with the blue sections of this facility, I incorrectly assumed blue was one of the school colors.

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