Nickerson Field – Boston, MA

Nickerson FieldBoston University is next on my track list in the America East Conference.  Their track at Nickerson Field is the home of the Terriers.  (The Boston Terriers is a great mascot by the way.)  The facility was most recently renovated in 2009, including a new track.  It has an older FieldTurf infield that was installed in 2001.  The bleachers here can hold up to 10,412 people for track meets, soccer and lacrosse games.  This stadium has a long history in the Boston sports scene, dating back to 1915, when it opened.

As far as the track itself goes, I find a couple of things interesting.  First is the shape.  This is about as close as you can get as a square track without actually being a square.  I had to check a couple different angles and different photos to make sure it wasn’t an optical illusion.  There is definitely a sharper curve right at the corners of the soccer field, but then it straightens out more in the center of the curve.  The other thing about this track is that it only has four lanes.  That’s fairly common for high schools in this part of the country, but for a Division I college program, it seems a little strange.  They obviously don’t host and meets here.

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