Sortland Track – Sortland, Norway ‎

Sortland TrackOne of my favorite television shows is The Amazing Race on CBS.  On last week’s episode, teams went to Svolvaer, Norway, which is a small town in located above the arctic circle.  It looked like a beautiful place, at least in the summer when it was filmed.  So of course, I wondered if they had a track there.  After doing some looking, they do have a small soccer stadium, but it does not have a track.  So I expanded my search and found one a little over an hour north, in the town of Sortland, and its today’s track.  Sortland has a population of about 10,000 people, and is located on one of the northern islands of Norway.  And being as far north as it is, makes for some interesting living conditions.  From May 23 through July 23, the sun does not set.  So if you want to train on this track at 3:00am. no problem!  However, in the winter, you get the opposite extreme.  The sun is not even visible from November 30 through January 12.  I could not find any information at all about this track other that the Google pic.  Not even a name, but at least they have one here.  It looks like there is some sort of indoor sports facility on the south side of the track as well.  Being from a northern climate myself, I think this would be a nice place to visit.

norwegen-sortland Sortland

Google Map Link

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