Estadio Bernardo Werner (Sesi) – Blumenau, Brasil

Estadio Bernardo WernerToday I have an awesome looking, two-tone blue track.  This one is found at Estadio Bernardo Werner, which is in the southern tip of Brasil, in the city of Blumenau, which in itself has an interesting story.  Just check out the Google images page when you search for the city.   Is this really in South America, or is it Europe?  The demographics of Blumenau seem very interesting considering its location.  The city was settled by German and Italian immigrants in the mid to late 1800’s.  And still today, the ethnic breakdown of the population is almost 95% white.  Despite the old, traditional European style architecture found here, they do have a great looking track with this new blue surface.  The Google pic doesn’t do it justice, so I’m posting a better, second photo.  The bleachers here hold 5,000 people.  Since this stadium is found in Brasil, it is of course used for soccer also.


Google Map Link

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