Kezar Stadium – San Francisco

Kezar StadiumToday’s track comes from beautiful San Francisco, and is located in the southeast corner of world-famous Golden Gate Park, which makes for a great setting.  There is a very long and rich sports history here with this stadium.  The original Kezar Stadium was built in 1922, and was used for track and field, along with practically every other possible outdoor sporting event, especially football.  In 1928, a high school football kezar-stadiumgame held here attracted over 50,000 fans, which is still a northern California record.  Stanford University played a couple home football games here.  And it was also the first home stadium of both the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders.  And because of its location, it was also a major concert venue in the 1970’s, hosting all the big name bands of the time, including Led Zeppelin (in my opinion the greatest band of all time).  The original seating capacity was 59,942.

In 1989, the original stadium was completely torn down, and was replaced with this current facility.  It is much smaller with a capacity now of just over 9,000 people.  It is now the home stadium of two professional soccer teams, as well as professional lacrosse and ultimate teams.  And on top of it all, it is has a 8-lane track with jumps and throws found on the inside.  The track surface was installed in 1991 though, and is apparently getting to the point where is needs to be repaired.  You can read more about that HERE.

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