Bill Duchon Stadium – Glen Ellyn, IL ‎

Bill Duchon StadiumIt’s another high school track today, this time in Illinois.  Bill Duchon Stadium is the home track of the Glenbard West Hilltoppers.  This one is located on the north side of the school, but they have a newer gwhsartificial turf combo stadium that is used for football, soccer as well as baseball, and that one is found just south of the school.  There were two things that caught my eye when I first saw this track facility.  The first being the round high jump area.  I suppose it does give jumpers the option to move the pit, based on the wind, to any possible location.  That would be kind of a pain, but an option.  The other things is its location right next to a lake.  The Google picture was taken in the early spring, but I’m sure later on this would be a very nice looking setting.  I wonder thou, how many discusses have ended up in the water!

Google Map Link

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