La Playa Stadium – Santa Barbara, CA

SBCCIt’s kind of a cold, rainy, dreary fall day in Minnesota today, so I’m feeling the need to post a track that’s a little more scenic and warm looking than what I see when I look outside today here.  So the featured track of the day is found on the campus of Santa Barbara City College, and is the home of the Vaqueros.  And theSBCC areial view from this track is outstanding.  The hillside bleacher seating faces the ocean, and provides a view that could rival any in the world.

This facility was renovated a few years ago, including a brand new track surface.  It was completed in September, 2010.  This interesting thing about this renovation is that it was to be done in two phases, with the second one to be finished in January of the following year.  Incredibly, the contractor was able to speed things up, and complete the entire project early, in one phase.  Now that’s something that you almost never hear of.

There is one other interesting thing that I stumbled across when looking a little deeper into the SBCC track and cross country programs.  We are right in the heart of the cross country season, and those of us from a northern part of the country have kind of a standard picture in mind when thinking about cross country – fall days, cool temps, leaves changing colors on the trees, etc.  However, there are other versions of CC in other parts of the world that I really hadn’t considered.  SBCC located right on the beach, and their home cross country course runs right on it!  I found some pictures of their 2012 meet on their team Facebook page.  Be sure to check them out HERE.  Very cool!

NewLaPlayaField081110 (1)

Bing Maps Link

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