Hayfield High School Track – Hayfield, MN

hayfield high school   Google Maps500Today’s marks my 500th track posting, so I’m going with one with a personal connection for this post.  Today’s track is found in southeastern Minnesota, in the tiny town of Hayfield.  I’m posting it because Hayfield High School is my alma mater, and this was my high school track – kind of.  The version I trained on and competed on, was not nearly this nice.  The track that was here, when I was in school, was a cinder track.  For those of you who have never seen a cinder track, it’s basically a fancy name for gravel.  It was a very fine gravel, with pieces larger than grains of sand, but with sharp edges rather than smooth and round. Red_Dog_2Lane lines were painted with chalk before every meet that we hosted (1-2 each season).  We wore 3/4″ of 1″ spikes, and you learned pretty quickly that these did not slide at all.  Road rash from this track was not pretty.  This new all-weather surface at HHS however is!  It was installed several years ago and has hosted sub-section and conference meets since.  I have to say, I’m a little jealous.  Go Vikings!

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