Windsor Running Track – Windsor, VT

Windsor VTGreen tracks are pretty rare, so when I stumbled across the one in Windsor, Vermont, I had to post it.  This is the home track of the Hornets, and it looks really cool.  Even though it’s a 6-lane track, I love how this oneGreen-Plexitrac-Accelerator(1) looks.  White lines on the green surface look great.  And the yellow and black numbers and exchange zones are a nice touch, and add to the overall look.  Awesome!

Bing Map Link

2 thoughts on “Windsor Running Track – Windsor, VT

  1. Blue tracks are already an acquired taste for me, but this green track looks cool alright! But I wonder if the green of the track, the green of the infield and the green of the surrounding trees all combined makes it hard for runners.

  2. Good point! This might be something you have to see in person and and actually experience by running on it, to see if there is indeed too much green.

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