Red Star Stadium – Beograd, Serbia

Stadion Crvena ZvezdaUp next is the national stadium of Serbia.  The track at Red Star Stadium is today’s feature.  This is actually the second stadium to reside in this location.  The original was built in 1927, but was later torn down and replace with this one in 1963.  There have been a few minor upgrades and changes done since then, but a major reconstruction is slated for the very near future.  The current seating capacity is 55,000, but for a short while in the 1990’s it actually could hold double that.  This looks like a nice facility for track & field, and pretty typical for big European stadiums.  The throws can be contested on the inside of the track.  There are four sand pits on the ends of two runways, on both side of the track as well.  Very nice.  It will be interesting to see what the new version looks like when it’s completed.

Red Star Football Stadium - Stadion Crvena Zvezda (Marakana)

360Cities Photo from inside the track

360Cities Photo from the side bleachers.

Bing Map Link

*Huge Photo by


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