Stadionul Ceahlaul – Piatra Neamţ, Romania


Romania is next on the list, and the stadiums with tracks here remind of very much the same situation as in Poland.  There are a lot of old, unused track found here.  It seems like well over half the soccer stadiums have one.  There are several however that do have an all-weather track surface, but nothing that appears to be that special or unique, so I chose today’s track solely because it was the most colorful I could find.  In fact, because of the outside appearance, Stadionul Ceahlaul might be one of the most colorful stadiums that I have ever come across.  Orange benches with blue interior accents look nice.  And the entire outside is painted with these colors as well.  No boring concrete gray or metal here!

This is only a 6-track track, but it looks very nice.  And one unique feature here is that the track lanes actually go underneath the bleachers on the north end of the stadium.  You can see this in the top Google photo.  The stadium first opened in 1935, but was renovated (and painted) in 2007.  There is seating here for 18,000 fans.



360-degree photo from the center

Google Map Link

*Photos obtained from and

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