NRGi Park Stadium – Aarhus, Denmark

Nrgi ParkContinuing with the European track series brings us to Denmark today.  NRGi Park is a sport complex, comprised mainly of this stadium and an arena.  There is a big exhibition hall here as well.  The stadium is used mainly for soccer, but also has nice track and field facilities.  The arena is used for team handball.  The stadium was built in 1993, but was expanded in 2001.  Additional seating was added, and upgrading the infield to include an in-ground heating system as part of the renovation too.

As a physical education teacher, I’m kind of intrigued by the field that is located to the west of the stadiumNrgi Park 2 and arena.  There are clearly bleachers around the entire area, but the things is the center are confusing, and you can’t zoom in enough to tell what they are.  If anyone knows what this is used for, please comment below!

Google Map Link

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