McKenzie Track – Blue River, OR

McKenzieFor today’s track, I’m jumping back to Oregon and the McKenzie Track.  This track comes from a suggestion from one of my readers, Colin McArthur.  Colin is a principal at the design firm of Cameron McCarthy, a company that does landscape architecture and planning, and this was one of their projects.  While you may not be familiar with their name, you certainly have seen their work.  They won an award for the Hayward Field renovation in 2008, in preparation for the Olympic Trials.  They also designed the beautiful facility at Lane Community College.

Blue River is a tiny, unincorporated community, and McKenzie High School is a very small school, with under 100 students in grade 9-12.  But wow, do they have a track!  Nestled in the McKenzie River Valley of the Willamette National Forest, this is one outstanding facility.  This is an eight lane track with a Beynon surface, and it was constructed in 2009.  It is a track-only facility, which is why you see the discus ring and javelin runway on the inside of the track.  You also have the long and triple jumps inside on the west end, with the water barrier for the steeple.  The high jump is inside at the east end.  The pole vault and two shot put sectors are located outside, but right next to the track.

While the high school uses this track, it is actually a community track.  According to the facility’s website, it is open to everyone, 24-7.  In addition to some high school meets, they also host several all-comers meets here too.  And I’m told that the Oregon Track Club comes here to train periodically.  This is just one outstanding facility, on one that the entire area is proud of.

Below is a video of the track installation here.  I find it interesting for a couple of reasons. One, you get to see the great views of the surrounding trees and mountains from this track.  And two, you get to see the step-by-step process of how tracks get installed.  Pretty cool!

Bing Maps Link

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