Estadio Jaime Moron Leon – Cartagena, Colombia

Estadio Olímpico Jaime Morón LeónFor the track pic today, we jump over to Colombia, and the track at Estadio Jaime Moron Leon.  It is the site of the 2013 South American Championships that start today, and run through Sunday.  This stadium was originally built inEstadio Cartagena 1958, and has undergone several renovations.  The most recent one was just completed in 2011.  The resolution in the Google photo is not very good as you zoom in, so I decided to show the whole athletic complex today.  You can see a second track, as well as another “mini” track that is commonly seen in South America (although I still don’t know the story behind them).  There is also a baseball stadium, softball stadium, swimming & diving pools and a bull fighting arena as well.  The yellow seats, green grass, and blue track make for a bright and appealing look to the stadium.  There is no official website for the South American Games, so I cannot provide a link to results.

Google Map Link


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