Roos Field – Cheney, WA

Roos FieldToday’s track is one that I first heard of a couple of years ago, but not really because of the track itself.  It was the glaringly obvious infield turf.  We all know about the famous blue turf of Boise State, and at Eastern Washington they decided to go with their school colors as well, installing red turf with black endzones and out-of-bounds areas.  For some reason, I really like Boise’s blue turf, but not so much with this red version at Roos Field.  It is definitely unique and I know the EWU fans love it.

This was the other site for the high school state championship meets in the state of Washington.  Classes 1A, 1B and 2B had their meet here on May 24th and 25th.  For track, this looks like a nice venue, with one BIG exception – the bleachers at the north end.  They are on the inside of the track, and yes, they are permanent.  And because they are so high, the curve is almost completed blocked for spectators.  Not exactly ideal.  The rest of the facility looks great though.  HERE is where you can find the full meet results.


Google Map Link



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