Londonderry High School Track – Londonderry, NH

Londonderry High SchoolThere is one more New Hampshire track to post, and it’s today’s pic.  The track at Londonderry High School will be the site of the Meet of Champions this year.  It will occur on Saturday, June 1st, a week after the three division meets.  Here are the official the qualifying procedures:

“The top performers in each event in each Divisional Meet will qualify for the Meet of Champions
according to the following formula: DIVISION I – top 5; DIVISION II – top 4; and DIVISION III –
top 3 (plus any ties). In addition, the next four (4) best performers regardless of division will also
qualify for the Meet of Champions. Relay teams will qualify for the Meet of Champions using the
same procedure as individuals. (Top 5 in Division I, 4 in Division II, and 3 in Division III, plus the
next four fastest times from the Divisional Meets.)”

There are also qualifying standards for each event as well.  The New England Championship meet is next weekend, for those who qualify from this meet.  I really like this idea of finding the one true state champion in each event.  I wish more states would do this.

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