Kingsford High School Track – Kingsford, MI

Kingsford High SchoolThe last state championship track in Michigan to be posted is the site of the meet for the Upper Peninsula high schools.  Kingsford High School is the host school, and it’s found right across the border from Wisconsin.  It’s too bad they aren’t included with the rest of the state, but I can see how travel costs could be expensive having to drive around Lake Michigan to get to the where the other meets are held.  Apparently the U.P. is not getting any respect from Google or Bing either, because their satellite photos of the region are horrible.  I went with Bing this time, because the Google pic was even worse than this one.  This looks like a decent track, but it’s hard to tell for sure from the photo.  It does have eight full lanes though, and nice bleachers.  Hopefully the map photos will be upgraded soon.

Bing Map Link



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