Andover High School Track – Andover, MA

Andover High SchoolNow today I’m moving back north along the Atlantic coast to Massachusetts.  It looks like they have a unique state set-up, due to the majority of the population being in the Boston area.  The state is divided into three regions.  The eastern region has four competitive divisions – Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4.  They each have their own meet at different locations.  The central and western regions both have two competitive classes.  They combine to have a  Division 1 meet and a Division 2 meet.  All of these meets are held May 25th or 26th.  They then hold the “All-State Meet” the following Saturday, June 1st.  And as posted earlier, they also compete at the New England meet the weekend after that in Connecticut.

I’m going to start with the Division 1 meet in the East.  This track is located at Andover High School.  It looks like a nice track with multiple options and directions for the jumps.  They also have what I call the super-straightaway on the one side as well.  This meet will be May 25th.

Google Map Link


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