McMann Field – Bath, ME

McMann FieldThe Class B schools in Maine will hold their state championship meet this spring at McMann Field, located in Bath.  This meet is held the same day as the other two classes, which are at different venues.  The meet will be held June 1st, with the New England Championships on June 8th.  With this track, I’m not 100% it is the correct one, but am pretty sure it is.  Information is very limited on the state association page.  There are actually two tracks located in Bath, but neither of them is at Morse High School, the only high school in the town.  This is the nicer of the two so I’m assuming this is the one.  It can be found behind Bath Middle School.  If anyone has any more information on the Class B meet, please comment below.  Thanks!

Google Map Link


2 thoughts on “McMann Field – Bath, ME

  1. This is McMann field. Great venue for Maine. The other venue in Bath is for Hyde School. It is a nice facility but is only 6 lanes and has no seating.

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