Bentonville High School Track – Bentonville, AR

Bentonville High School TrackThe biggest class for track & field in Arkansas is 7A, and the state meet track for this class is today’s featured track.  The host school is Bentonville High School, and I don’t quite know where to start.  I’m at a loss for words after first seeing these athletic facilities.  I’ll start with the track.  It looks like a nice facility.  Jumps are located inside the track, on the ends.  The two shot put sectors look very nice.  The discus is just outside.  Seating capacity here is listed at 1,200 people.  You will also notice that soccer uses this field and stadium as well.

Football however, had their own field and stadium, farther to the east, past the softball and baseball field.  And just north of the football stadium is the indoor practice facility.  Seating capacity of the stadium is listed as 6,000, but they have had much bigger crowds than that for games here.  Their indoor arena holds 1,700 people, and auxiliary gyms seat 500 people in each.  There are many small colleges that would be jealous of these facilities.  I am in awe.  For a high school, this is truly impressive.  The pic below is of their outdoor athletics facilities.  The school isn’t even in it.  It’s farther to the east.  All I can say is “Wow!”

Bentonville High School Athletic Facilities

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One thought on “Bentonville High School Track – Bentonville, AR

  1. Check out the track facility at university of central arkansas. Bentonville is the top academic and athletic hs in the state every year winning at least 6 state championships in multiple ports and feeding top colleges with high end student athletes

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