Russellville High School Track – Russellville, AL (not AR)

Russellville High School

*Update: As pointed out to me in the comments below, I actually posted the wrong Russellville track.  This one is RHS in Alabama, and not Arkansas, and therefore did not host the Arkansas 6A state meet.  Sorry for the mix up!

We’re up to Class 6A today for Arkansas’ state meet track.  It is being held this spring at Russellville High School on May 3rd.  There are a couple unique features of this facility.  The obvious one is the “super straightaway”.  After looking a little closer, you see that  the extended straight is actually used for the jump and vault runways.  This is a good use of space that I surprised more people don’t use.  The high jump approach area seems a little on the small side to me.  I’m guessing that most high jumpers start on the grass here.  But the other thing is that the main straightaway and finish line are located across from the home side bleachers, and are on the visitors side.   Seems a little strange to me, and I’m sure spectators are very happy about having to look into the sun as it goes down when trying to see the finish of races.  It’s either that or not have the sun, but be forced to sit on the opposite side of the track.  Not normally what you see.

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5 thoughts on “Russellville High School Track – Russellville, AL (not AR)

  1. Thanks Rex for the clarification! I can’t believe that I messed this one up like this. The correct Russellville, Arkansas track will be tomorrow’s post!

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