Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium – Lewisburg, PA

Bucknell UniversityAfter yesterday’s Golden Gophers track in Minneapolis, I needed to post an extra nice track today.  So it’s off to Bucknell University and the track at Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium.  In terms of all the things I look for in a great track, this one has it.Bucknell

1. The track surface is new, and it’s in school colors, not your standard boring red.   If your school colors are blue and orange, why not have a blue and orange track?  The Bison did it, and it looks awesome!

2. The track is located inside a big stadium.  Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium is a multi-use facility, hosting football and lacrosse games here as well.  It holds 13,000 spectators.

3.  Tradition.  This stadium was built in 1924, and there is a long history here for Bucknell athletics.  There is something about old venues that new ones just don’t have.

Those three points are big for me personally, and having artificial turf on the infield makes it even better.  Now from a pure spectators point of view, and from a throwers point of view, I understand how you might not agree with me on this.  Because it is a multi-use stadium, and not a track & field only facility, the throws are forced to be outside.  I get this, but I still love how this track looks, and it’s easily one of my favorites.

Stadium Photo Gallery

Google Map Link


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