Husky Outdoor Track – Seattle, WA

Husky Outdoor Track - Beynon SportsIn looking for some tracks for my upcoming posts, I stumbled across the University of Washington, whose track at Husky Stadium was featured in one of my posts this past summer.  Little did I know, that Husky Stadium was to Husky Outdoor Track  Seattle  WAundergo a major renovation, including the removal of the track.  I think it’s nice to see track and field facilities inside the big football stadiums, so I was disappointed to see this change at the stadium.  However, I wasn’t so disappointed after see their new facility.  This above photo is from the Beynon Sports Facebook page, and they are the company who built the new facility.  And boy is this one impressive.  And purple to boot!  The photo was from December, when construction was not completely finished.  I’m not sure of the current status, but if it is not ready for competition yet, it will be soon.  The Huskies have been training on the track, and will be hosting two outdoor meets here, with the first being one month from today.  While I have seen a couple indoor tracks that are purple, this is the first purple outdoor track the I have come across, and I think it’s awesome!

*Note – In the Google pic to the side, you can see the location of the new track “A” (being constructed) in relation to the old location at the stadium “D”.

Google Map Link

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