St. Charles High School Track – St. Charles, MO

St Charles High SchoolI was made aware of today’s track by Twitter follower @TheTylerMullen, and I’m glad he did!  Located just outside of St. Louis, this is definitely not one of your ordinary tracks.  St. Charles High School has a rectangle track.  And believe it or not, the Pirates host several home meets here every year.  Because of its shape, this six-lane track has some very sharp corners, and yes they are corners and not turns.  And take a look at how the relay exchange zones lay out.  The inside lanes have a huge disadvantage compared to the outside lanes when it comes to handing off the baton in the 4x100m.  And the timing of the exchanges would really be off for all lanes in the relay.

Now I don’t know anything about the history of this facility, so you could say that having any track would be better than havingSCHS no track.  It is locked in on three sides by streets, which I assume were already there.  So when they upgraded the facility, which must have been fairly recently because of the artificial turf and nice looking track surface, they felt they just needed to fit it in somehow.  Makes perfect sense.  However, my question would be, “Why didn’t they built it where the practice fields are located?”, because it appears that a standard track would have fit there!  It’s one of those weird things that happen at schools sometimes.  I know, because weird decisions got made when they were building the school that I work at too.

Google Map Link

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