Estadio Francisco Montaner – Ponce, Puerto Rico

Paquito Montaner StadiumMost tracks are part of a multi-use facility, but this is one that is totally unique.  In most of the world track and soccer are combined.  In the US, add football and lacrosse to the mix.  But this is the first multi-use stadium that I have come across that is used for both track and baseball (other than that weird shaped, non-regulation track at St. Mary’s High School).  Estadio Francisco Montaner in Puerto Rico opened in 1949 and has a seating capacity of 16,000 people.  The stadium is used for baseball part of the year, and then changes to be used for track.  Baseball runs from September through January, and part of the track is actually lowered using hydraulics  and is covered (as seen the the above picture).  From February through August, the track is raised and uncovered.  Definitely one of a kind!

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